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arms & CoreWho doesn’t want nice arms and abs?? Todays video has 3 fantastic arm exercises that happen to also target your core. Can it get any better than that? Yes! We made it better by adding a cardio blast to really help burn fat. Everyone has a six pack waiting to be revealed, right? Cardio (and nutrition) tend to the best weapons at combatting that thin (or maybe not so thin) layer that’s holding your six-pack hostage.  However, in order to be and look  fit (not just skinny) you must challenge your beautiful muscles. This workout may look easy enough, but I promise you will be feeling the burn before the first set is over.

High Knees: Jog in place lifting your knees as high as possible each time. No slacking!

Staggered Pushup: One hand should be placed in line with your shoulder and the other lower along the ribs. When you lower your body, the elbow should stay close to the ribs while the other one stays wide. Switch hand position after each one. Keep your core tight and think about leading with the chest on the way down.

Full Contact Pushup with Stabilizer: Lower your body all the way to the floor so you have full contact with it. Push yourself up making sure your core is SUPER tight. Lower down leading with the chest, but push up leading with the butt. You have to use your core for this one. When your arms are fully extended rotate you hips and reach one of them toward the ceiling. Return to starting position and repeat.

I/T Plank: In a straight arm plank (with your feet slightly apart) raise one arm overhead with your thumb turned up. Lower toward the floor and then raise it out in line with your shoulder, thumb still turned up.


:30 High Knee Jog

10 Staggered Pushups

:30 High Knees

10 Full Contact Pushups with Stabilizer

:30 High Knees

10 (each side) I/T Plank

Repeat 3-5 times


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10 in 10 logoIt’s that time of year again!

Labor Day is a week away and we are gearing up to host our 3rd annual 10 in 10 challenge. This is an opportunity for YOU to get coaching from US for 10 weeks… and it’s FREE! Now, don’t get me wrong – free does not mean easy. It’s definitely a work program, and it’s worth every bit of effort – from you & us!

Do you realize that in 10 weeks we will be full fledged into holiday season? From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving dinner and all the parties and leftovers in between… You can choose (yet again) to give in to the holidays, or you can nip it with our help!

Intrigued? Here is some of what you can expect.

  • This challenge is open to EVERYONE! You do not have to be a Boutique Fitness client to benefit from our coaching. So encourage your friends to do this with you:)
  • You have a weekly 10 in 10 track sheet to check in with.
  • You get me as your personal coach. That’s accountability at it’s best!
  • Home workouts designed specially for 10 in 10 participants.
  • Access to our exclusive 10 in 10 Facebook Page where you can find workout buddies, share recipes, and download all kinds of tools to help keep you on track.
  • Win prizes! This program is no joke and aside from the reward of health & weight loss, there’s swag!

The 2014 challenge starts Monday, September 15

I will be rolling out more details as we get closer to launch time (such as what the prizes are). If you are as excited as we are let us know and sign up now. You have nothing to lose except bad habits and body fat. Don’t you want to feel like a million bucks?

Sign me up!

If you need a little more assurance that the 10 in 10 Challenge is all it’s cracked up to be, here are just a couple of testimonials…

“At the beginning of September I felt like complete crap. I was getting migraines everyday, stomach cramps, heartburn, and I wasn’t really sleeping. I knew a large portion of that had to do with my eating and fitness habits, but every time I’ve tried to be healthier in the past things always fell through. I signed up for the 10 in 10 on a whim because I needed some guidance. Shortly after signing up I also starting going in for personal training. Now, here we are about two months later and I feel pretty great! All of those physical symptoms have subsided, I’ve lost weight, gotten so much stronger and most importantly watching what I eat is beginning to not feel like such a chore anymore. It doesn’t feel like this daunting task that will be impossible to keep up. I have confidence that I can take all the advice I was given throughout the 10 and 10 and continue to use it for life. And I mean, between the advice and coaching given in the 10 and 10 Challenge, personal training that you actually look forward to going to, and the whole Boutique Fitness community, its pretty awesome having an army of amazing supportive people behind you all working toward the same things and helping each other stay motivated.” – Sarah F.


“Going into this I didn’t think I would have to change much about my eating habits….until I got my first email back. Then I realized I was in for it!!! This challenge was great, I was able to like vegetables again and remembered how to make healthy meals again. All things I have forgot about over the past year or so… I stopped eating my sons left over peanut butter sandwiches and started making my own lunch which on occasion included vegetables ;) I know, I have a sweet tooth and that will always be a struggle but I’ve also learned new “tricks” and eating habits so curve those cravings.  I’ve also been told, no one is perfect and this is hard. The support group was great, everyone posted recipes and I often saw a lot of support going back and forth… I’m happy I did this challenge and would do it again.  I can’t thank these girls enough for all there knowledge and support :) ” -Laura


“The girls at boutique fitness are the most complete package for health that I’ve encountered. They include nutrition, fitness, health, mind, body, and individuality in all they do. They are amazing women and fitness mentors. I have been involved with them for over a year and am still consistently surprised by they’re knowledge and support. They take all the b.s. out of health and get to the basics! If you spend some time with these ladies it will change you!!! Inside and out!!! They find out where you’re at and walk side by side with you through it all. They truly love what they do and make you feel like you’re their priority. They make you feel totally loved and accepted! And it’s contagious!!! Love you ladies!!” Xo Becky D.


SIGN ME UP for the 10 in 10 Challenge!



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