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Boutique Fitness | Boutique Fitness - New Bedford, MA
Posted By: angela

Ice cream is the ultimate summer treat, but how do we enjoy the sweet stuff and still rock our bikini at the beach?

  •  Portion control is key, especially if you are indulging in a rich full-fat ice cream.  A very tiny 1/2 cup scoop is going to ring in at around 300 calories and a ton of saturated fat.  When you do splurge on the good stuff, make it a fun event with your kids or sweetie:)  Chose a premium ice-cream and a flavor that you love.  Get a single scoop and enjoy.  Don’t keep ice cream at home- it’s a challenge to your willpower that you are bound to lose.  
  • Fro-Yo!  If you tolerate dairy well, low fat or non fat frozen yogurt a  great alternative to the the traditional scoop.   Frozen Greek yogurt is now available at both  supermarkets and cheeky yogurt shops like Pink Berry .  Good fro-yo offers the benefits of being relatively low in calories, and is a good source of protein, calcium and gut friendly probiotics.
  • Coconut ice cream is another great option if you are vegan, allergic, or like myself- just don’t tolerate dairy well.   My go-to summer treat is So Delicious- no sugar added chocolate coconut frozen “ice cream”  .  It is super low in calories (a whole cup is only 200) and is packed with fiber, healthy fats and yummy goodness:)  Want to go out for a dairy-free splurge? Our favorite local spot, Oxford Creamery just started carrying FoMu.  The mint chocolate chip is definitely my favorite!

Make a healthy frozen treat at home.  Our Boutique version combines the sweetness of bananas with the savory richness of nut butter.  Add a little dark chocolate to make it really special.    Best of all, this recipe is yummy and bikini friendly;)


Frozen Banana “Ice Cream”

  • Frozen bananas
  • Almond butter
  • Your favorite “toppings”.  I love dark chocolate and coconut flakes

Chop  well-ripened bananas (the riper the better) into large chunks.  Store in zip-locked bags in the freezer.  In your food processor, combine 1 frozen banana and one tablespoon almond butter (natural peanut butter or PB2 tastes great too), and process until smooth and creamy.  You may need to stop and scrape down the sides.  Once creamy, add in  a couple tablespoons of yummy bits:  dark chocolate, coconut flakes, walnuts, whatever you like.  This makes one serving.  Enjoy!

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Posted By: lara

The shoulders are a very complex area (to say the least). They are left vulnerable by many of our modern world activities and habits such as carrying heavy bags over our shoulders, reaching into the back seat to hand our children something, or even just favoring one side to sleep on. Chances are you’re much tighter on one side than the other.


*test it out*

Place one hand behind your back with the palm up and the other hand over your shoulder with the palm down. Can you clasp your hands? Now switch sides and see if there’s a difference…

Usually your dominant side will be tighter. You may even hear some ‘popping’ from time to time when you move your arm around. That’s usually the conversation your tendons, ligaments, and muscles are having with each other as they all slither around to make your arm move.  If there’s no pain, it’s usually ok. If there is pain go see Dr. Crabbe... really.

Today’s video demonstrates one of my favorite shoulder exercises. It’s partnered up with a great prep movement to loosen and awaken your shoulders for work. You can work the shoulders hard, but you must take care of them before and after as well. Trust me.

Kettlebell Figure 8 Threading: Keep the hips low and your core engaged. Focus on staying strong through the hips. Back straight – chest open – abs TIGHT. Sway from hip to hip as you weaves the kettle bell through your legs. Allow the kettle bell to loosen your shoulder as it swings around, but make sure to pull it through the legs as it comes to center – or you will nail your shin with the weight.

Clean & Press: If you have ever worked out with us you know that we don’t ever just do a shoulder press. It just wouldn’t be half as effective unless there was a focus on the core. We may mess with your stance or have it at the end of a fuller movement, but you will never just stand there pressing a weight overhead.

The clean and press incorporates the whole body. Starting from a hang position – abs tight, glutes and legs engaged.  Pull the weight starting with a quick shrug & (almost) upright row. Get your arm under the kettle bell vs. swinging the weight up and having it crash on your forearm (ouch). Once your solid under your weight, engage the core and begin your press with your rib cage: Abs tight → rib cage lifted → press kettle bell over your shoulder blade. This means that your arm is inline with your ear and stacked over your BLADE. You should not be able to see your arm or weight unless you’re looking in a mirror. Make sure to reach for the ceiling (or sky). No slacking with your extension.

Nice and easy, drop the elbow so you’re back in the clean position and then extend the kettle bell back to the hang position and repeat.


Pendulum circles: A common shoulder exercise used for shoulder injury rehab. This move not only feels really nice, it helps regain range of motion in the shoulder joint and the muscles that make up the rotator cuff.

You can do this anytime to loosen up the shoulder. You can use weight (5-10lbs.) or just bodyweight. If your back bothers you in this position simply place your hand on a table or counter to help you secure your form. Maintain a tight core and open chest. Basically the only part of your body that should be loose is your shoulder.


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