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The school year is in full swing and the inevitable lunch packing drama has begun.  I have some very picky eaters at home.  The challenge to pack a nutritious yet pleasing lunch is not limited to parents though, it’s one of the most common struggles our clients encounter.  We are always on the search for fun and simple ways to jazz up lunch.   Here are a few of my favorite!

salad in a ball jar

We love ball jars!  Perfectly chic and always at hand.  Layer your veggies- dressing, and wet ingredients at the bottom, and crisp leafy greens on top!  With a tight fitting lid, these salads will stay fresh for a few days.  Make three on Sunday night and you are set for most of the week.


Remember the thermos?  Before we microwaved everything a trusty thermos would keep food warm for hours.  Don’t discredit last night’s leftovers. Chili and soup make for a very satisfying lunch.  My picky son loves turkey meatballs and red sauce in his lunch box.

veggies and hummus to go

Veggies tend to go down easier when they have been cleaned and sliced ahead of time and are ready to go!  Dip carrots, peppers, snap peas and celery in hummus, guacamole or your favorite nut butter.

banana bars

Enjoy something sweet.  Forget cookies or over processed “protein bars”.  Fruit makes the perfect post-meal dessert.  It’s apple season in New England.  It doesn’t get crispier and sweeter than that.  If you want a baked treat, stay out of the coffee shop and whip up a batch of banana bars or raw bars at home.  Store them in single-serving packs and you’ll be ready to go!

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Work all the angles for better results. Today we’re adding a little something to the basics for a refreshing twist that brings results. Here you will work the core and shoulders, stretch the hamstrings, and put your gluteus to good use.

All you need is 10 minutes before hopping in the shower. You’ll be happy you did ♥

10 Party Trick

10 Walk outs & Pushup

10 Surrenders

5+ sets


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