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Hi everyone, and happy Monday!  Our Move-it Monday post is generally a battle cry to get up and get moving, but after the tremendous turnout at the 6th Annual Tiara 5K yesterday, and the awesome performance of the Boutique Fitness Team, I thought it would be a really nice time to touch on Rest and Recovery Rituals.   When we train hard, it is very important to give our bodies a chance to regenerate.  We actually grow stronger and fitter while our muscles repair.  
  • Studies show that massage heals.   A post-workout massage will reduce inflammation and improve recovery time.  We suggest getting a massage as often as time and money allow, but for most of us, this is not nearly enough. 
  • Foam rolling is second best.  These hard foam cylinders allow us to roll out knots and adhesions, increasing range of motion and decreasing healing time.  Foam Rollers can be purchased at most sporting goods’ stores or through the Perform Better link on this website.  
  • A post workout shake immediately following a workout will speed up recovery.  This should consist of protein and some carbohydrate (think protein powder, almond milk and a banana) to replenish glycogen stores in our muscles and encourage muscular repair.  
  • Stretching, stretching, stretching!  Always stretch after a workout, not before, and focus on tight muscles first.  Begin on the side you feel tightest, and stretch hip flexors before hamstrings.  Stretching will keep our bodies balanced and is key for good posture and optimal form.  
  • Try a yoga class.  Quiet the mind, decrease cortisol (that icky stress hormone that makes us fat), and increase flexibility.  
  • Be sure to get a good night’s sleep.  We are all so busy, and this might sound laughable, but we should all be aiming for 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night.  Sleep is when our body rejuvenates itself; it keeps us trim, healthy and beautiful! 

Give your body a little love; it deserves it :)

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