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Core – Core – Core – Squat – Squat – Squat
At the studio we get a lot of comments like “woah, a lot of squats today” or “woah, lots of shoulders, huh?”… well, yes. Lots of everything. But most importantly, lots of core (at the risk of using such a buzz word). We do squats because they strengthen the hips which make up part of the core. We move through full range of motion, pulling weight from the floor to overhead because you need to use the core to get the task done. You see, more than any other part of body we actually target the core. If you’re strong though the trunk, you are strong – period (.) If you’re strong, you can workout harder and get better better results – not to mention all the health benefits like having more energy and sleeping better. So even though you may have DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in the legs or the shoulders, you should be aware of how hard your core worked to help with that. Unless you’re working on breathing patterns and techniques (such as in yoga and meditation), you should always consider the core and engage it with every exercise. The core of our body is the core of all movement. I hope you enjoy todays workout. 
:30 – :45 seconds each exercise
2-3 sets
Sandbag plank pull through
Kettlebell goblet squat
Inchworms (add a pushup for more difficulty)
High pull & catch
Kettlebell 1/2 getup
Squat Shuffle side to side
Squat thrust with lateral jump over sandbag 
Kettlebell shoulder to shoulder press with squat
ROundhouse kick with overhead hold

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