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It’s been a wicked hot Summer! I for one cannot complain about the heat. It’s so short lived and I am not a fan of winter. I do, however, prefer my summertime temps to be in the mid 80′s rather than the high 90′s (and not in the 70′s either). None the less, warm weather conjures the booze hound in me. Probably not as bad as it sounds, but i know you know where I’m coming from.

My favorite summertime cocktail (why is called ‘cocktail’ anyway?) tends be some kind of refreshing concoction containing tequila – or an ice cold beer. What I don’t like about the beer is the inevitable bloat… Before I give you my choice cocktail for Summer 2013, I want for us to get on the same page regarding booze & fat loss. OK?

Alcohol is metabolized by your liver – which is also the organ that metabolizes fat. The kicker is that alcohol will always take precedence over food, which means that you cannot metabolize fat while your liver is busy ridding your body of alcohol. That’s called fat storage. Booooo

One of the favorite attributes of alcohol is that it lowers inhibitions. While this can be good news for your social life, it’s typically bad news when it comes to making decent food choices. Somehow we feel justified eating crap when we’ve had some drinks. “It’ll soak up the alcohol!” Um, not so much. Like I mentioned before, you’ll store that crappy food in your midsection and rear end. Booooo

And of course, there’s the dehydration factor. Alcohol and heat have a love/hate relationship… Refreshing and fun, but also very dehydrating and potentially dangerous. Make sure to stay well hydrated with water during the hot summer days and of course keep your alcohol consumption under wraps. Everything in moderation…

If you do booze, there are certainly ‘better’ choices to be made when choosing your cocktail. Here are the top 3 summer picks for figure friendly booze:

  1. Vodka with club soda (not tonic – it has just as much sugar as soda!). You can get all kinds of yummy flavors of vodka (ginger is my favorite) AND soda water (grapefruit is my favorite).
  2. Tequila – straight, on the rocks, or the way I do it;)
  3. Champagne – Puree some fresh berries and mix it in to your champagne for extreme deliciousness.

OK, here it is… My Summer Cocktail. I love it so much I’m naming it after my first born;) Enjoy!


1oz. Patron Tequilla (keeping it classy;)

4oz. Steaz Ice Teaz with Lime & Pomegranate

(A really cool company. Check out their website!)

Juice of 1/2 lime

1/2 tsp. Agave (optional)




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