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Working out at home may not be as glamorous as working out with a trainer but it is an invaluable habit to develop if you plan to live a fit life. Todays video workout demonstrates just 3 exercises in a 20 minute session in my living room.

I understand that motivation is the typical road block for home fitness falling flat, but if you never learn to workout with your bodyweight or just simple tools like a medicine ball – you’re selling yourself short.

I know school just got started again and everyones lives are a bit crazy… so do yourself a favor and buy a jumprope & a medicine ball. Watch this video and do the workout. Then learn the workout so that you can do it at the drop of  hat without being concerned with following along.

Bottom line is even the most simple and short workout is better than no workout. This one just happens to be a particularly good one to know;) It works your body in all angels and incorporates cardio 

Lunge Matrix with Med Ball Sweep

(forward lunge / lateral lunge / back lunge)

Pushup / mountain climber combo

(1 pushup / 4 mountain climbers)



p.s. Today is the day! The Knotty Girls are rowing against 2 teams from the Azores in a regatta being held in South End of New Bedford. It will be a weekend full of races – Friday is rowing, Saturday is sailing, and Sunday is co-ed rowing & sailing against the Yankee boats. Fun Fun Fun!

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