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detox 2014

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to cleanse the system and start fresh with your nutrition. Last year we implemented a 3 day detox that has become a BFF (Boutique Fitness Favorite). You can find the original plan here. 

When I first did the detox it was December, 2012 and it was very cold outside. Drinking smoothies 3 days straight meant that I was freezing for 3 days. Other than the green tea I was drinking, everything I consumed was cold. That’s why I’ve been working on a soup recipe to remedy this problem. This year’s 3 day detox incorporates two terrific smoothies from the original plan, and a hearty detox soup that’s sure to keep you warm. 

Make sure you plan ahead and set aside the necessary time so you can truly benefit from this 3 day plan. If you want to join the crew at Boutique Fitness, we’re committing to it on January 6, 7, 8. #BFdetox2014

The soup and each smoothie should be very well blended to ensure that your digestive track works as little as possible. These recipes call for more veggies and fruit than most people would consume on any given day, so you know you’ll be getting a tome on nourishment and filling your belly with all kinds of good stuff. If you’ve done the smoothie detox before take notice that the final day of the revised detox calls for soup as the last meal, not a salad.

If you choose to take measurements before and after, keep it simple. Measure the abdomen (around the naval) and maybe the hips. Give it a go and stay connected. We want to know how you feel after your 3 days. #BFdetox2014

(PRINT)day 1

day 2

Day 3


Grocery List

Through out the day enjoy unlimited water, warm water with lemon, herbal tea and detox tea. Total water consumption should be around 3 liters daily. Water is necessary for optimal function of all body processes. It is also our our primary detoxification tool, flushing waste from the body, leaving us light and clean!

30 minutes of exercise daily. Elevate your heart rate and get sweaty. Sweat is one of our greatest vehicles for removing toxins.

Keep a journal. Pay attention to how you are feeling. What are you struggling with? What feels great? Are you sleeping well? Are you eliminating (in the bathroom) properly? How is your energy?

Try to minimize external stress. Turn off the TV & computer at least an hour before bedtime. Wind down with a long soak in the Detox Bath. Enjoy light reading or a romp under the sheets with your lover;)

This is 72 hours of self love. You deserve it! xo



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